I blame Jet Blue for my poor TV watching habits. I didn't even know what the Real Housewives were until that flight to LA six years ago. Twenty seasons later I have finally weaned myself off the "Angry Ladies" ( of NY, New Jersey, Beverly Hills, and Atlanta). KUWTK? If there had just been anything else to watch on that flight from Seattle I wouldn't even have a favorite Kardashian. 

But sometimes Jet Blue hooks me up. Like last summer when I came across an in-flight Project Runway marathon. It was Tim Gunn's least favorite season, but I fell back in love with a show I'd forgotten existed. And then came Project Runway Junior and a 14 year old winner who has only been sewing for TWO YEARS. I am not challenging myself enough!

For my birthday the plan was clear, a day in NY with a stop at Mood, where this dog kept following me around:

The choices at Mood can be intimidating, so I went with a pattern in hand.

I know a bomber jacket might seem a weird choice to the younger generation. But for us forty-somethings there is a weird nostalgia around the distressed leather bomber. Just ask John Greene. He actually wrote it into The Fault In Our Stars. I'm sure when it came to the movie the costume designer was like "that bomber doesn't really make sense, it's 2012 and it makes him look kind of dorky..."

But I get it. Any guy who wore (or coveted) a bomber jacket in the late 1980s still thinks it's hot. Even Mr. Responsibly still rocks his around the house.

Just kidding. But the fact that he still has it buried in the back of a closet says something, right? Check out what we found in the pocket. It's like a little time capsule.

Bill and Ted, March 10, 1989, Riviera Cine Miami!

Bill and Ted, March 10, 1989, Riviera Cine Miami!

Is a bomber comeback possible? Maybe in a different fabric? 


That's right, I paired maroon herringbone with purple ribbing. Why? Because Mood sells purple wool ribbing. And because Mr. Responsibly said I could. Actually, he said "that combination is the kind of thing you wouldn't ever find in a store," but I know what he meant. Nice pockets, right?

It's the perfect spring/fall jacket since I went off pattern and LINED it.

Personally I think I wear it better than Ansel whats-his-face. 

Thank you, Mood!