Bubbles II

Out of all the things I've made, these are still two of my favorite:

The cutest toddler in the world would be impossible to replicate but I had an idea for a new bubble quilt recently. The fun thing about doing a new version of an old quilt is seeing how much you've learned. I remember this quilt being hard. It is actually the easiest quilt ever - you just pick a bunch of fabrics from your stash, trace some circles, and applique them on: 

My revolutionary new idea was to add a bubble blower to all the bubbles. This was for j's nursery school auction and I wanted the blower to be gender neutral so that every parent could picture it on their kid's bed. 

It was quilted freehand at Laurena's Longarm. I freaked out after my first meander across the quilt, but Laurena assured me the awkward parts would look less awkward when it was done.

I had fun with the bubbles and tried to do different quilting in each of them. You can see the detail better on the flannel back:

I finished it off while on a weekend away with some sewing buddies. The house we rented in Maine was perfect for dramatic pics!

Unfortunately it doesn't have quite the 3D feel of the original bubble quilt. I realized too late that I couldn't make the bubbles big enoughand still make them in proportion to the blower. Just trying to remember I'm not learning unless I'm making mistakes!