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I have such mixed feelings about fingerless gloves.  On the one hand (heh heh) they just look cool. You can't argue with a trend once Hermione embraces it.

and Spiderman:

and edgy Siberian hackers:

And it's not just an emo/superhero thing.  

This whole web page

 is gamers seeking advice on how they can "modify" Grand Theft Auto Four so that Nico wears fingerless gloves:

But on the other hand, they just seem so impractical - like I care if my palms are warm when my fingers aren't.  There's a reason why people wearing fingerless gloves always seem to be cradling a cup of coffee.




How/why then, would you own fingerless gloves in New England?? You get them because you are known and loved by a knitter who is too impatient/unskilled/tired to knit fingers.  That's why my friend Kelli is wearing them:

I did the pretty lace swerve from

this free ravelry download


Kelli's got a little bit of superhero in her, so I'm not too worried about frostbite.  Maybe she should get herself a hot cup of coffee though, just in case.


Let's Hear It For New York

Let's Hear It For New York

Measure Twice, Knit Once

Measure Twice, Knit Once