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There's A New Girl In Town

There's A New Girl In Town

Is there anything weirder than watching a good friend get bigger and bigger and then BAM there's suddenly a brand new person in her arms?  One of my besties brought a baby girl into the world this week.  There's the wonder of the little hands and feet, but also the wondering who she's going to be - this little one that will grow up and annoy her sister and ignore her mother's advice and do brave things and fall in love.  But right now she's just so sweet and tiny and new!

For this little one I wanted to try a quiet book (one of those cloth things that won't hurt the cat when you throw it and that has some interactive stuff).  I knit her older sister a hoodie when she was born, and not only was it like, six months late, but the hood was totally messed up and ended up lying like a cape down her back with no form whatsoever.  But my friend is super appreciative of anything homemade, so I knew she wouldn't mind being a guinea pig once again.  I just wanted to deliver (haha) this one on time!

So here it is.  For clarification,  Carroll and Fox are family names.

The little door has jingle bells sewn inside!

Very proud of my removable bagel top (velcro attached)

That water is a pocket, people.

This was harder than you might think, but in the end, someone with a small hand CAN stick it in this mitten!

For this one I traced a girl out of

Little Stitches

because I cannot draw.  I love her patterns; they are very simple and quick.

This is my first, and maybe last, quiet book.  I really enjoyed it - every page was like starting a whole new mini-project, so the nice thing was that I never got bored.  On the other hand, confronting 'how on earth am  I going to do THIS*' every day can be challenging (*sew a bagel inside out, insert a mirror so that it'll stay, attach just one half of a very thick mitten to very thin fabric, bind 16 pieces of fabric together).  There were days when I ignored it in frustration and longed for the mindless repetition of cutting and piecing a quilt.  It was fun, but I don't think I'll do another one anytime soon.  You people with your spring babies can expect something else!

Then there are the burp cloths made from gerber diapers and leftover fabric scraps from the book.  I made some of these for myself and found them vey practical ("can you pass me the ostriches?  I've been using the dandelions all day so it must be getting kind of nasty").  These have become my go-to baby gift - who says spit up has to be all bad?

I got the idea from


, but honestly haven't had to refer to the tutorial again, it's pretty basic.

So welcome little girl, now it's time to gear up for the soon-to-arrive boys! 

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